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No site or service is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist but Zoig.com is nearly perfect for a lot of people.
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we think zoig is a great site,but think the price for zg+ is not worth it and will not renew at those prices. thanks


The only thing that has irritated me a little is that I have submitted a couple of videos that were not published due to poor quality but then I see some that are worse than mine that have been published.


If you enjoy sex, this is the place to be. If you like to be watched, or enjoy watching others, this is the place to be. We have been members for a few years now, and if all a person wants is to discuss sexual thoughts and explore through other members experiences, this is the place to be. My only complaint....I wish you had started it 30 years ago. This definately is the place to be. How about a yearly Zoig convention for all current members, then we could all say, "This is the place to be".




zoig.com is ok but the video chat should be free for everyone as there is just not enough going on in there to keep me coming back.


Zoig is the Best and very very responsible. I'm Glad i was able to avail of the ZG+ membership at first it was issued. Makes a bond with the first folks who opted to go ZG+!


I miss the favorite member updates after the site was updated.


I love this site. I have never run into a down time issue or service issue. Top Quality stuff here.


I looooove Zoig! I certainly recommend the ZG+ membership it is money well spent for the quality and variety of this well-run website. I give Zoig nothing but high marks and the fact they ask for feedback shows an intent for service.


No it is fantastic


Zoig is great; high quality, good price, constant updates, real people. ZG+ is essential because otherwise it's just a tease site.


Great Amateur website. I would recommend it to another member.


I amn extremely satisfied and want to thank you folks for your fine product, I would reccomend it to anybody that asked.


Of course ..it is a great site


Great site only wish more people could enjoy it and the censors were not so quick to turn down new videos based on quality and focused more on bringing in more new members.Paying members should get the benefit of what ever they choose to post as long as it is site related.Not everyone has a video camera some of us only have laptops & cell phones to record with.And also you should be able to have 1 profile picture that you choose dressed or not,I dislike looking and seeing empty profile pictures and/or men claiming to be women.


Not only have I recommended it to regular members ( and they bought) I have introduced the site to many other people who love it ! ..


i think Zoig is great. The membership is worth more than what the cost is. If you have the cash get the full membership it is worth every penny if not more!


Im wraped with my Zoig membership its the best money I have ever spent on a site like this, its value for money and YES I have recommended this site to my friends




ZG is a great site. Have run into some very sexy people through this effort.

Amateur porn for the people, by the people.

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