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No site or service is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist but Zoig.com is nearly perfect for a lot of people.
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Highly Recommended


This is the best site I know of.


great site I amm very pleased with zoig's service. thank you very much


I've enjoyed Zoig all the years I've been a member, the members are GREAT!!!!


ZOIG is the only site I subscribe to.


I think zoig is great


I have been a member now for a couple of years and have not regreted it in any way, You get what it says on the tin.Very pleased.


This site is wonderful!! We have and would recommend Zoig to everyone we can. Keep up the great work!!! Thanks for the awesome site!!!!!!


Just keep doing what your doing because this site rocks


is good


More bi-curious men would be appreciated


I like it


This is a great sight


I think Zoig women are the sexiest on the web. How many places can you go for such a wide variety of such sexy, hot, horny women any where in the world. You have it all. Hardly go anywhere else on the web to see sexy women.


Overall very good. Site speed in particular is excellent (for where I am).


The only thing that has irritated me a little is that I have submitted a couple of videos that were not published due to poor quality but then I see some that are worse than mine that have been published.


i love the site, but i think there should be a place on your profile to place a status or something on your mind to get conversations started like a status on facebook. other than that, i love it


ZOIG.COM is the best site I have ever been on. The other members are such a wonderful group of people, and very friendly. I have never regreted taking out ZG+ when I joined and would recommed it to every one. It is well worth the money.


Great.you have done a great job ......one ad-a-boy... for job well done


love the site

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