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No site or service is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist but Zoig.com is nearly perfect for a lot of people.
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Great site, virus/malware free. My membership is great and for one low cost. Yes, would definately recommend to anyone interested in it's content. No one should hesitate to purchase the full license - no where else will you find real people like this. No airbrushed perfect bodies, piles of makeup, or fake noises!


we love zoig .best thing i bought on line .


Great site I can't keep away. Posted and cammed, total satisfaction. Cumming is good for your prostate, this site keeps mine healthy as hell.


I absolutely ADORE ZOIG.COM. What better way for a single woman to enjoy "getting her freak on" in the privacy of her own bedroom?!! My ZG+ membership is the best bargain I've ever found for anything online ... especially some good, genuine porn. I have already recommended membership to several regular members. Drives me crazy when they complain that they have "run out of time" to view. lol ... just upgrade, I tell them!


This is the best amateur adult site. Very satisfied with ZG+ membership & yes would recommend to a regular member. Yes, it is worth it. Reg members should not hesitate to buy membership.


The place to have fun in a safe and 'controlled' area on the net.. Deffinately recommendable


I like my zg+ membership. I have recommended it to other zoig members and non members. they should not hesitate to purchase a zg+ membership


i like the site...z+ is well worth the value,but only offering a timed membership will result in alot of people,mostly women and couples,from re-newing...too many of the chat moderators never appear and some that do are too lax in enforcing the rules...it's going to end up a mostly male chat because people will hesitate to pay again if some of the stuff isn't clamped down on


When I joined Zoig it was as a single man, now I get to enjoy more of Zoig with my partner. Now we're both able to enjoy Zoig together.


We LOVE Zoig. The chat is a little cumbersome for us - we'd prefer seeing more info on people more quickly (rather than clicking on their name, then going to their profile). And we experience "lag" quite often - although that may be our computer. And we get dropped, perhaps 4-5 times a week. Mods do a fantastic job! And,as a female on chat, things DO get a little busy, so finding a way to get info on people we've never met more quickly would be great. And not sure what the ZG+ membership is... But we love whatever we are!


Zoig.com is awesome!!! It is well worth the membership fee!!! If you are thinking about a ZG+ membership DO IT you won't be disappointed!!!


Have been a ZG+ member for several years. The site is great, featuring a wealth of content which is very diverse, ever expanding, and of very high quality overall. The members seem to be genuine, intelligent, fun loving, respectful, and concerned about fellow Zoigers, making this a great place to come and play, and come again. I cannot speak to the video chat, as I do not use it, or to the customer support, as I have never had any issues at all; the service works very well indeed. All considered, it is worth having the ZG+ membership for the benefits it offers.


Awesome! Perfect venue for meeting 'likeminded' people.


This site is wonderful!! We have and would recommend Zoig to everyone we can. Keep up the great work!!! Thanks for the awesome site!!!!!!


GLAD TO BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Zoig.com is a great site, there is something here for everyone, and the fact that only original content is used and/or allowed makes it very unique. Since being with Zoig.com since its early inception my membership has been nothing less than satisfying, I have watched it steadily grow in membership and content. It has become a communty. I would highly recommend it to another regular member. If you enjoy it as a regular member, it should surpass your expectations with ZG+ membership. Unlimited access to content, video chat, access to member..what are you waiting for! If you are looking for authentic amateurs and not the tired paid professional "amateurs", then a membership to Zoig.com is well worth it. Maybe you can become a star on Zoig.com. Life it too short, so when an opportunity arises to increase your quality of life, why take a chance, step up and experience all that zoig.com has to offer.


I find it outstanding. Love my membership and I have recommended it to some friends.


its all good, yes i would recomend it & have done. well worth the money


I miss the favorite member updates after the site was updated.


Love the site, love the membership I have it was a very reasonable price in my opinion, yes I would recommend, yes worth every second i can spend on her, only hesitate if you think you will not like it... but you would be WRONG in doing so.

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