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No site or service is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist but Zoig.com is nearly perfect for a lot of people.
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i am a big Fan


I think the price is a little high, but I think the quality of the members and authenticity of the videos is great. I think as far amateur porn sites go this one is the most authentic.


You can't get better than zoig


I often recommend zoig and really enjoy the site.


I totally love Zoig and already have recommended to some frieds. ZG+ membership is great, but I think that the chat cam options was a little better before the past update. Now we only can make zoom in 1 cam, and the maximum limit to 3 cams at the same time is a very low quantity (I think this need to go to 5 as a much better option).


Definitely would recommend it.... the more the merrier.




I'd say that ZG+ is definitely worth it, I've never found another site with so much user contributed content and that's not full of people trying to provide paid for (outside of the website itself) services of one kind or another. There are a plethora of people on Zoig, I just can't keep up and that's great! I was looking for real people getting their rocks off and Zoig was the place I found it. The website itself after the last major update (to my memory) is easy to use has some great functionality and doesn't get in the way of what I want to do,it would be nice to see much more HD content on the site, though I do appreciate that's down to the end user submission quality a lot of the time.


Zoig is excellent value for money, one of the best amateur sites on the net!


I found ZOIG.COM to be great. ZG+ is even better and I am very glad I became a member. I would highly recommend that free members support the site by becoming ZG+ members. There should be no hesitation to joining. There are too many jerks that are not members and they do make it unpleasent at times, especially in the chat room.


Not only have I recommended it to regular members ( and they bought) I have introduced the site to many other people who love it ! ..


I love ZOIG it has been a source of many a good time for me


Fantastic site with great members.


Love the site.


ZOIG is the best porn site on the web. Its fun and safe and the members really get to "know" each other and respect each other. I would highly recommend membership to anyone who doesn't want to settle for the bits and pieces you can get for free because it is totally worth it. New members join all the time and post new pics and video! I love this site. Its the best!!!


very good site, highly recommended


in the most part zg+ membership has been the best part of my internet injoyment. the only thing i wish is that the videos be longer sometimes, but other than that i jest love zoig.


I like it


I think the viewer on the old application was better than the current. It was much nicer, having the ability to adjust the view window to the exact size that I wanted.


money well spent

Amateur porn for the people, by the people.

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