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No site or service is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist but Zoig.com is nearly perfect for a lot of people.
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Awesome site Would highly recommend Well worth the price My favorite site!


I believe it is the best porn (amateur or pro) sight on the internet. I like that it is monitored and wide open to like minded people. I would recomend the sight to anyone looking for good clean excitement. Keep up the good work, looking forward to new members.


Probably the best amatur porn site on the web. Membership I can't comment, Value for Money for a while:) Recommend it, but I've yet to meet more than 1 person via zoig. Regular members, you won't know till you try it, but you'll find it far more enjoyable:)


I think everyone should be on zoig.com it's worth it, and I'm trying to get more people to check it out.


Of course ..it is a great site


Great site, real people, very good video and photo


This is the best site ever.


good. wonderful,yes,definitly,no


I know this will never make it past this one showing but here goes and remember you asked. ZOIG.com was the perfect match to what we were looking for but now has started to degenerate into what other porn sites are. Your are losing your uniqueness. As the original concept this site has no pears. You have set the bar so high that you are what the others have feared might come along. To bad you are moving into the main stream. Is it worth it? Right now I would have to say with your new billing and losing the one thing that made you the king, of which I can not say per your rules, no. You are were the others are and will just blend into the rest very soon. Should non paying members pay for a ZG+ membership? I would cation them to wait and see just how your new features of allowing members to block anyone other than who they want to see them pans out. What made you the site to to be measured against you are allowing to fade away with some of your new "features". Take a look at what you had in 2007 and tell me you are heading in the right direction with your site philosophy. You may lose some ZG+ members soon with the obvious direction you are taking. The old saying was if it isn't broke don't fix it. My friend you are fixing yourself right into the mainstream and disappointing those of use that joined you in your grand vision. On word of advice. Don't belittle the members that have stood by you and supported you. You have done this not only to me but to my wife. Other than all that I say you still have the best adult site to this date. The future however is still to be seen and I hope you remember the original vision you had those few years ago.


Wouldn't change a thing ;)


zoig.com is quite possibly the best amature sharing site ever. Very happy with ZG+ membership & would recommend it if someone asked. Good value for money & worth upgrading to if you can.


Great site only wish more people could enjoy it and the censors were not so quick to turn down new videos based on quality and focused more on bringing in more new members.Paying members should get the benefit of what ever they choose to post as long as it is site related.Not everyone has a video camera some of us only have laptops & cell phones to record with.And also you should be able to have 1 profile picture that you choose dressed or not,I dislike looking and seeing empty profile pictures and/or men claiming to be women.


it is excellent


ZOIG great sex site


Great site. Don't hesitate to upgrade. worht it.


Love it, glad to be a member, absolutely, yes, no


100% real and very refreshing from other crap sites. ZOIG we love u!!!!!


Its a first class service/site, I am very happy with my membership, other members are fools not to take out a ZG-Membership


I've enjoyed Zoig all the years I've been a member, the members are GREAT!!!!


Great Site

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