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No site or service is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist but Zoig.com is nearly perfect for a lot of people.
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Best amateursite I have found


I enjoy my ZG+ membership. I started as a single and am now in a relationship and on as a couple. My girlfriend has been a little hesitant to post, which sucks, but I want her to take her time and do it when she is comfortable. I think the ZG+ membership is the best because you can go through transitions and still be a part of the community. I like it and would suggest it to anyone. Keep up the good work.


This is simply the best site to view porn, there is no competition. I would recommend full membership, no question, and the idea of Z dollars is brilliant.


I like that Zoig.com allows me to post my pics and vids of my personal adventures, away from professionally produced porn. It's a great concept. I'm very satisfied with my membership. I'd recommend it to anyone who produces their own adult content. It's a great value. I'd recommend upgrading to a ZG+ membership.


We love it. So much fun. The membership is good value - you can actually have a virtual gangbang in the chat room!


Hi all, I think zoig is great all around. If you are a fan of amateur porn, it's probably the best. Definitely worth its price, not to mention it's pretty much free if contribute legit content. Cheers,


i love the site, but i think there should be a place on your profile to place a status or something on your mind to get conversations started like a status on facebook. other than that, i love it


Love it, Love it, yes,yes,Hell no!


I truely love having Zoig! AND,I am very pleased with the membership given me! KEEP IT REAL!


Great idea. Sex is an important part of everyone's life and sites as this can bring it 'down to earth' amongst friends to further explore and learn. A lot of porn is unhealthy, but this seems on the right the track for a modern embrace of this important aspect of life. I think this [ZOIG] is "THE" membership to have. I think you are sitting on a goldmine here. People don't want the past; the seedy commercial underbelly stuff. But an interaction amongst members like this that seems friendly, just people coming together to explore this vital area...yea, that's the FUTURE [and for you, TODAY]. You bet I recommend this to anyone to become a ZG membership. My compliments.


would happily recommend to others, excellent site, the best..


really good service


I am satisfied with my zoig membership. I would recommend zoig to regular user. I think for zoig to have more paid users like Adult Friend Friend Finder there has to be higher emphasis on hookup. Because hooking up is a real reward for payment. But as its stands zoig seems more like an adult community for just sharing intimate pics and movies. The more singles the are on zoig, the more hookup your going to have and the more paid members you are going to have.


i love it


We love zoig and always have done. We have recommended the site to so many people we've lost count. We love our membership and all the perks that come with it and would and have recommended purchasing to others. Keep up with the good work, zoig is the best and only site we play on x


I would like to see more openness to bisexual males and couples being able to post male on male sex. Also, it would be more pleasurable to have more choices when viewing cams in chat. While AFF sucks on so many levels, it does get the webcam viewing right. Overall, I like the site a lot, but would love to see some improvements.


We both love it.

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