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No site or service is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist but Zoig.com is nearly perfect for a lot of people.
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I would and have reccomended the site. I agree all members should have ZG+ Theres one feature i think should be added , some kind of update when friends post new pics or vids. Apart from that keep up the good work. ps. do mods get any perks ? and can i become one in the future.


I love Zoig,can't live without it! Memberships a must if u ask me!


I would like to see more of a variety of members on the home page when someone does a search for Zoig. At one time there were 5 out of 12 photos of one member. I'm not saying that I want to be seen there, but there are so many members that it should be easy to find 12 different members to highlight.


Of course ..it is a great site


great site very good video chat just enjoy popping in to chat to friends and get more friends too


Full membership is the only way to go! All regular people here and an easy to use site. Save your money on the other scam sites and join the fun here!


I really like it. The one thing for me that would really improve it is more photos and videos that are NOT fucking and sucking. I know that sounds daft, but it is true. I'd like to see women and couples just posing for photos, undressing, etc. I think there is a little too much of the full-on hardcore sex.


We love zoig, the membership rate is very reasonable. We highly recommend the ZG+ membership.


i am happy with all very good


NO do not hesitate!!


I haven't found a better adult site anywhere.


These are ordinary people expressing their sexuality freely and respectfully. There are images and videos of people making love and enjoying sex and they would like to share their experience with everyone who cares to see. I think this is fantastic and hardly immoral. It is it not strange that people will go to see someone get executed but second guess themselves when it is seeing people making beautiful love?


I love the site, just wish the chat was a bit better user friendly, little slower so that we could read what others are saying, instead of having to scroll down all the time.


Zoig is AWESOME. Nothing like it. love checking in every day to see what's new.


I like it and have recommended it to others


I really like this site. Pro-porn is too over-the-top. It has surpassed the tackiness of the 70's and 80's. I like my membership. I would recommend and have to others. I wouldn't hesitate. I would like to see members in proximity to zip code but that would be tough with a lot of members not saying where they are from.


zoig is by far the best adult site we have visited, the ZG+ is great if you want value & are satisfied with the site & its content, which we are. we prefer the ZG+ as there are no reoccuring charges, one fee & you are done.


I amn extremely satisfied and want to thank you folks for your fine product, I would reccomend it to anybody that asked.


I have recommended this site to friends

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