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No site or service is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist but Zoig.com is nearly perfect for a lot of people.
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We love Zoig! Fantastic site and we especially love how you have kept the "pro" porn submissions out of the site. The actual members vidos and pics make it hot!


great fun for so little money,zoig rocks


I absolutely ADORE ZOIG.COM. What better way for a single woman to enjoy "getting her freak on" in the privacy of her own bedroom?!! My ZG+ membership is the best bargain I've ever found for anything online ... especially some good, genuine porn. I have already recommended membership to several regular members. Drives me crazy when they complain that they have "run out of time" to view. lol ... just upgrade, I tell them!


The only problem I have is finding a female who will show. Most of them sign in to chat but they never reveal anybody parts. That goes the same for couples when they come on they should be available and not just be there for the chat. Video is rather important to some of us.


I love being a member, so I would recommend to a friend


Love the site overall


I have life membership and never regreted it, made one or two nice contacts here.


Zoig is a good site. No spam


Great overall site. Quality of some vids lacking - - but you can only deal with what is uploaded. I don't use the chat/ just my preference. Like the ease of using features when perusing around. Lots of real (as in genuine) beautiful ladies here. Site measures up to it's claims. Thank you.


love it !


This is my favoite site on the web, it is very easy to navigate through and always has new videos and photos. I look at Zoig at least once a day and have just recently started using the video chat area, which I just love. Everything is easy to find and access, and depending on what you are in the mode for each day you can use the catigories selection to fond what you want. You have done an excellent job putting this site together and should be proud of the finished product!


I've enjoyed it since the day I joined. For me It is really satisfying to look into the Sex lives of others and to see how many people are enjoying all sorts of Sex with all sorts of People. I just wish ZOIG was around 30 years ago, but I'm not complaining I just love peeking in on all these gorgeous Woman enjoying all sorts of Sex


we are still waiting to find out what good your zoig dollars are good for when you are a life time member ???


Awesome web loads of with average folks.


Great worth every cent


Love it


Love It!


this site is awesome. we love everything about it.


we love it


So glad We got the ZG+ account, and love the new female, male or couple icon choice before going into chat

Amateur porn for the people, by the people.

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